What to Work on While Closed During COVID-19

In this video D.C. Reeves, The Spring CEO, is giving helpful tips and ideas to business owners on what to work on during a slower time where their business is closed due to COVID-19.

In his own business, Perfect Plain Brewing Co., D.C. has taken the time to work on the things he usually would not have the time to get to during normal operations. For example, his is staff is reviewing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and re-working specific processes.

Take this time to focus on items that are usually at the bottom of the priority list and even delegate items to any salaried staff members that have a less-demanding workload right now.

Other examples of tasks to work on while business is slower due to coronavirus:

  • Review hiring practices and ensure they are up to date
  • Stay on top of staff evaluations and conduct them virtually
  • Review and update SOPs

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Gracie Woodfin