The Benefits Of Networking In a Co-Working Space

Why Co-Working is Perfect for Networking

Networking is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship. There is a reason why there are so many networking events out there; people thrive when they’re together. Co-working spaces are great opportunities for potential partnerships and for building long-lasting relationships. Here are just a few reasons why co-working spaces are great for networking.

Like-Minded Individuals

There is nothing like having something in common with someone else. Having a sense of common ground can create an instant bond. More often than not, you and another member of a co-working space will have something in common. Whether you are passionate about office culture or project workflow, there is someone who will share that passion with you.

Relaxed, Down-To-Earth Atmosphere

Traditional offices are great, but the formal nature can make networking a little difficult. It can be hard to break the bounds of your cubicle and connect with another person. The free-form nature of co-working spaces can lend to a more open and relaxed vibe compared to their traditional counterparts. There are no office politics, just people who want to work and network.


Another benefit of networking in a co-working space is diversity. It’s not uncommon to have a web designer, accountant, or consultant sharing the same space. This mixture of trades is what makes co-working so unique. It gives you the chance to work with someone who you may have never met otherwise.

Tips for Networking in a Co-Working Space

Be Conversational

As the old adage says, “He who has friends shows himself friendly.” The simplest way to make a connection with someone is to strike up a conversation. Ask about someone and show interest in them and their work. As long as you’re respectful of their time, most people are happy to share. It shows that you’re genuinely interested in who they are and what they do.

Show Your Passion

Passion attracts people. When people can see that spark in your eye when you talk about your work it sends a message. It can be tempting to feel the need to keep what you do to yourself, but there is no better way to get the word out by simply telling someone what it is you do and why it matters.

Share What You Know

Everybody has some level of expertise. You don’t have to be a master or have years of experience to have something valuable to share. Sharing what you do know can be incredibly beneficial to someone. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a total beginner, never underestimate the value you can provide to someone.

Exchange Value

Monetary exchanges aren’t the only way of doing business. After all, mankind bartered for hundreds of years. If a member of your co-working space offers a product or service that you need, offer a trade. In some ways, this can be more valuable than a monetary exchange as long as it is fair for both parties.

Ready To Get Connected?

Collaboration is key to running a successful business, and what better place to find collaborators than in a co-working space? Even if you don’t get an immediate work opportunity, there is value in meeting and connecting with others. At The Spring’s co-working space, we encourage networking and collaboration between our members. If you’re interested in becoming a member, book a tour here!

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