Building and Improving a Business Plan

In this video, The Spring’s CEO D.C. Reeves is sharing helpful resources and tips for building and improving a business plan. It can be an overwhelming feeling to pull together all of your financial projections and tackle all of the writing involved in a business plan. However, it is an important document to create, especially if an entrepreneur is looking for investors or to borrow money from a bank.

When D.C. started his own business, Perfect Plain Brewing Company, he used the software subscription LivePlan. It is a user-friendly tool that walks you through the process of building the several pieces involved in a business plan.

He also recommends contacting our local Small Business Development Center and joining their e-mail list as they offer helpful coursework and resources for entrepreneurs. Here is one quick video that focuses on writing a business plan.

Also check out Studer Community Institute’s Training and Development division for additional training and resources. While they do not have a business plan specific course, they provide tons of management and entrepreneurial-based training that would be helpful when trying to put your best foot forward in your business plan.

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Gracie Price